Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fun map activity- a puzzle!

My First Graders start learning about the South American map usually in January, after we've come back from the hoopla of Christmas and they are ready for some fun geography style! An easy way to practice where the countries are is a puzzle- but having a guide makes it a bit easier when putting some of those wee countries together. So, I printed out 2 sets of the same colored map (I just browsed Google Images until I found a map I liked), mounted both sets on stiff paper, then cut out one set along the borders of the countries. Working in partners, kiddos get a background map and a ziploc baggie with the puzzle pieces and away they go! For a more challenging activity, once they've put the puzzle together on the map side, I encourage them to flip the map over and put the pieces together without the background map. They love it!

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