Friday, August 8, 2014

Answer Key? Why not?

On my way back today from the dump where I scored two NEW muffin tins from the freebie table (I'll explain the muffin tins in a moment) a flash of brilliance (in my opinion lol) struck my last post I shared my 'Activity Shelf', a place where kids can go to find activities when they are done with a project or such. The one challenge I have had with those activities is that often I have to check them to be sure they've accomplished 'the mission', which, if I am needed by a kiddo doing the original project, can get dicey, management-wise. 'Answer keys'- voilá- the flash! Why not take a picture of the finished activity, have that on the activity shelf as well, and when a kiddo is finished, they check the answer key? Why didn't I think of that before? With a little modeling beforehand, I am hoping this will alleviate some of me being needed by 5 kiddos at once! Naturally some activities I will still need to check, and kiddos will need to understand 'no peeking' (hence the modeling beforehand), but this should assist me and foster more independence, which I am always stressing in my classes.

Now, about those muffin tins.... I had seen on Pinterest using muffin tins for categorizing objects- colors, size, etc. Stick little labels in each muffin hole and provide a set of things to be categorized. I particularly like having a mix of items and words so kids have to think not only about the labels but also the objects they are categorizing, as you can see in the second picture in the category for 'blanco'. Love a freebie!


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