Thursday, February 5, 2015

Using PicMonkey to make a fun, ever changing bulletin board

Last year the teachers in our district were each given an IPad Mini, which, for many, sat in their desk mostly unused and often neglected. Not mine! One of my favorite things to do is snap pictures of my students as they are engaged in class activities....last year I did an end of the year slideshow for each class with the photos I had taken which was a lot of fun. This year, I was looking for a different way to use the photos and have my students interact more with them.

Enter PicMonkey, an online editing tool that has loads of special effects, add ons, cool fonts, and more! I upgraded to 'Royale' status so I could access all of the features, which has been completely worth it! (You can certainly access loads of great stuff without upgrading!). I upload a photo, add a cute photo frame and a talking bubble highlighting what the kiddo said at the time of the photo. These then go up on two bulletin boards I have outside my classroom, with regular rotation of the photos. As kiddos come to class, they love looking at the pictures, reading the bubbles, and searching for themselves, their friends, and their siblings!
from our 'Al zoo' Activity Pack

So simple yet so fun! Once the pictures are taken down to make room for new ones, I put them in an album which kiddos can look at as a fast finisher activity.

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