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¡Ya sabes español! A great first day activity!

My Kindergartners come into our school with little to no Spanish experience...or so they think! I love to give them a big confidence boost right from the beginning so we do a fun activity I call ‘¡Ya sabes español! (You already know Spanish!) where I have pictures and items of things we say in Spanish all the time: taco, piñata, quesadilla, burrito, armadillo, nachos, salsa (a lot of them are food!) and have my kiddos name them themselves. As we go, I get to point out, ‘See, you already know a lot of Spanish!’ This activity gives my students a sense of confidence and motivation, especially for those who are nervous that they don’t know anything in Spanish.  It also starts to build that awareness that Spanish is all around us!

Back to School Activity for Kindergarten Spanish Class


  1. I did this last year with my Kindergarteners and they loved it! Great first day activity!

  2. I am so happy to hear that! The first day can be a hard one, for everybody!