Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Heading back to school soon...first bulletin board almost ready!

So, perusing through Pinterest I saw many posts about using Social Media with your classes. Since I am a Pinterest junkie, this was very appealing! My kiddos are very used to interacting with my bulletin boards, leaving comments or greetings or filling out questionnaires and leaving their opinions. So, I came up with the idea of highlighting kiddos' projects on a modified Pinterest board, which I have named 'Pinteresante' (clever, right? lol)

The idea is to display activities and projects each week on the white paper with a 'Comentarios' page underneath where kiddos can leave comments in Spanish. At the end of the week, kids can take home their activity and the comments page. I've created a series of talking bubbles with potential comments in Spanish as a reference above the white paper to help with spelling and idea generation for the comments. 
Usually, with my interactive bulletin boards, I instruct the kids that they may leave comments, etc when they come in to school in the morning or at recess time. This avoids other teachers getting growly about kiddos stopping in the hall when they should be with them. They may also go out in the hall and leave comments if they have finished an activity early in my class.

My goal is to highlight every kiddo (K-4) by the end of the school year, which means I need to keep a checklist to be sure I don't miss anyone! As always, I will be modeling with all classes as to how to leave comments, when to leave them, and reminding them to keep it positive and in Spanish. Should be fun!

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