Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"I'm done, now what do I do?"

Yup, we've all had them! The little treasure who finishes early and wants to know what to do next. There's a least one in every class if not several. Being prepared for this eventuality means more organization at the beginning of a lesson/ theme, but less stress once you are in the thick of it. In the past, I had used packets I made up at the beginning of the year and kept in each student's folder so they could always go to that if they finished early. Last year, however, I decided to bump it up A LOT! I was lucky enough to inherit a shelving unit from a retiring unit with 15 cubbies in it, just right for the number of grades I teach (K-4). I labelled each horizontal set of cubbies a different grade, and got creating! For each theme we were doing, I had 3-5 activities on the 'Activity Shelf' (Estante de actividades)... some of these were coloring pages, dot to dots, color by number, puzzles etc while others were games, such as color dominos, Memorama, or El Gato (TicTacToe). I am always thinking about and creating new ideas for this shelf, keeping in mind the activities have to be relatively independent in nature, short on instructions (if any), and last long enough to keep the kiddos interested and active. We've just created a new set of printable activities at Mundo de Pepita which are perfect for any activity shelf, '¡A categorizar! Activity Pages. Create a few sets, sticking the vocab cards in a ziploc baggie and paperclipping them to the category organizer and voilá, kiddos can practice vocab in a fun and appealing way! You can see our set in our TpT store here. 
They are great for individual use as well!
From our set ¡A categorizar! This one features the categories 'En el verano' and 'En el invierno'

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