Friday, June 26, 2015

Los jueves de charlar - Canciones infantiles más divertidas

Introducing 'Los jueves de charlar', a weekly chat on themes pertinent to teaching Spanish in the elementary school. Join the conversation on our Facebook page ! This week's topic was 'las canciones infantiles más divertidas'... here are songs our fans shared along with a few of our favorites. And don't forget to like us on Facebook to join in!

Paty shared this sweet song perfect for el Día de la it! For la Noche de las Brujas she also recommends:

Salema recommends a continual favorite! The illustrations are so cute and the music is very well done in this version!

This little cutie is called 'Debajo de botón' and comes from Guia Infantil, an incredible site with lots of authentic songs featuring Oso Traposo.

Looking for a fun song to get your students moving and learning parts of the body at the same time? Marissa shared this adorable song perfect for movement- Mi Cuerpo.

Teaching the alphabet? Emily recommends this fun song- I love the illustrations for the letters. Very catchy!

My students love this song! A great authentic resource... why not have a chocolate caliente tasting party to go along with it?!

And be sure to check out our post on integrating song props along with traditional songs to get your students up and moving! Click here!

What songs do you like to sing with your students? We would love to add to our list!

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