Saturday, August 6, 2016

Snapchat Cortos for the Olympics- How to Integrate them in your Classroom

EL EQUIPO "MUNDO DE PEPITA" ESTÁ LISTO PARA LOS JUEGOS- ¿Y TÚ? Yes, you read that right, Pepita and the gang have headed off to compete in the Olympics...well, Mundo style! Hop onto Snapchat, and check out their adventures as they take part in a variety of sporting events. Here are some ways you can incorporate the photos and videos we are posting in your classroom (I've put a variety of activities for different levels):

*HAVE YOUR STUDENTS FOLLOW US ON SNAPCHAT and do a quick writing activity around what happens in the day's videos or describe the pictures posted.

*HAVE APPLETV? Show the day's cortos or fotos on your screen and ask kiddos questions about them. ¿Qué hace Olivia? ¿De qué color es el traje de baño de Olivia? Nada rápido Javi, ¿sí o no? ¿En qué deporte va a competir Arturo? etc Your questions can be tailored to your students' level.

*HAVE YOUR STUDENTS SELECT ONE CHARACTER to follow specifically, and write a Facebook or Twitter post for that character, describing what their day is like while competing.

*FOLLOW THE MEDAL COUNT! We'll be posting our very own "medal count" on Snapchat, which will provide numbers practice in a very simple context for novice or elementary school learners.

OH, AND IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T MET PEPITA & THE GANG YET, here they are! From left to right, Olivia, Arturo, Mateo, Julieta, Pepita, and Javi :)

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