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SEPTEMBER 21 IS WORLD PEACE DAY, EL DÍA INTERNACIONAL DE LA PAZ, a day when we can all reflect on how we can contribute to the efforts to make peace around the world a reality. In a question posed in my Facebook group, Teaching Spanish to Children, I was inspired to come up with some ideas on how to connect Picasso's paintings with this day, ones that are accessible to young children and celebrate peace. I want to thank Miriam C. for posting the original question which led me to the two following ideas, both of which can be done any time of year, but are particularly meaningful on September 21!

Two Peace & Kindness Activities for Kids in Spanish Class Inspired by Picasso

BOTH ACTIVITIES INVOLVE MAKING TISSUE PAPER FLOWERS, a traditional craft which just adds yet another layer of culture to the activity! Read my post here on how to make them with kids.

WHEN THINKING ABOUT HOW I COULD BRING PICASSO TOGETHER WITH WORLD PEACE DAY, my first thought was his painting "Dove of Peace". My second inspiration was the two hands and a bouquet of flowers, which was originally done as a tribute to peace! Each lends themselves perfectly to a bulletin board situation, so I decided to go in that direction. Here's how I put each together:

World Peace Activity Inspired by Picasso

*DRAW (OR TRACE USING A PROJECTOR OR SMARTBOARD) a dove on a large sheet of paper. Print out a photo of Pablo Picasso's painting "Dove of Peace" along with a photo of the artist- I chose a very kid friendly one that also features his daschund, Lump. I also created simple signs celebrating the day '¡Feliz Día Internacional de la Paz!' and 'Happy International Day of Peace!'. The flowers can either be made by you or by your students-since I have so many students in each grade level, the additional ones will form a border around the outside of the bulletin board. What a simple yet lovely display for the holiday!

Kindness Activity Inspired by Picasso

*BE KIND BULLETIN BOARD: One of my goals this year at school is to practice intentional acts of kindness throughout the year; to that end, I thought it would be fun to take the idea of Picasso's painting 'Bouquet of Peace', and use it to inspire me and my school community to be kind with one another. I drew the hands (but you can trace them just like for the dove above) and cut them out. I made four flowers patterned as best I could with tissue paper after the flowers in the painting and used extra pipe cleaners for all the stems. Underneath, I started (but haven't finished yet-will post photos when it's done!) creating a space for a basket or container where we can put flowers that we make which can then be taken or given to others as an act of kindness. I am asking students to be volunteers to make the flowers since we have already started themes and will (hopefully) need an ongoing supply. This is still a work in progress, so I will come back and add more to this post as it evolves.

*I'VE PUT BOTH BULLETIN BOARDS IN THE HALLWAY NEAR MY CLASSROOM so as kids arrive I can point them out to kids and comment on them, including giving some information about Picasso and each of the paintings. My hope is they will inspire kids and even just put a smile on their faces :)

WANT TO TEACH MORE ABOUT PICASSO? Grab my mini book and theme pack, Pepita lee sobre Pablo Picasso here!

Pablo Picasso in Spanish for KIDS

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